Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

FREE BOOKS: Collected works of Donald E. Westlake

Donald Westlake wrote many amazing mysteries and thrillers. Some of them, written under his pseudonym of Richard Stark, were about a brutal man who robbed banks, armored cars, and anything else he wanted, killing without compunction to get what he wanted. Others, under his real name, were much lighter. A popular series was about Dortmunder, a bumbling, sympathetic thief and his bungling friends, who lived shabby lives while carrying out ambitious scams and capers that always failed.

If you'd like these, please comment. If multiple people want them, I'll give preference to the ones with lowest postage costs, and then flip a coin. If postage costs would exceed the cost of picking them up at your local used bookstore, I'll find a home for them locally. NOTE: US Customs requires me to get the full legal name, home address, and telephone number of recipients in the US.
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