Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

FREE BOOKS: Collected works of Kage Baker

Kage Baker wrote amazing books. Most were about "The Company". In the far-off future, people invent time-travel - but it's one-way, you can only go backwards to the distant past. So, the inventors create long-lived cyborgs, who live through history as it happens. These cyborgs follow the orders of their future creators, collecting treasures, genetic samples, and art, hiding it in repositories where it will survive until the future. The cyborgs have few illusions about what will happen to them when the future finally comes and they use their usefulness. So, they fall in love, enjoy good chocolate, and try to get as much out of life as they can.

The books are beautiful, but Kage Baker (who lived in southern California, and recently died of cancer), reminds me too much of a dear friend from Southern California who recently died of cancer. It hurts too much to ever read them again, so I want to find them a new home.

If you'd like these, please comment. If multiple people want them, I'll give preference to the ones with lowest postage costs, and then flip a coin. If postage costs would exceed the cost of picking them up at your local used bookstore, I'll find a home for them locally. NOTE: US Customs requires me to get the full legal name, home address, and telephone number of recipients in the US.
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