Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

FREE BOOKS: Midshipman's Hope series, by David Feintuch

Midshipman's Hope
Challenger's Hope
Patriarch's Hope
Voices of Hope

Earth and a number of interstellar colonies are kept connected by the space navy. It recruits youngsters and trains them with harsh discipline. On his first voyage away from Earth, all of an untrained, inexperienced midshipman's superior officers are killed, forcing him to take command for the months it takes to to reach their destination. Angst and trauma ensue.

If you'd like these, please comment. If multiple people want them, I'll give preference to the ones with lowest postage costs, and then flip a coin. If postage costs would exceed the cost of picking them up at your local used bookstore, I'll find a home for them locally. NOTE: US Customs requires me to get the full legal name, home address, and telephone number of recipients in the US.
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