Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

OCD, KSP, and bookcases

Last night, I left work early at 5:30 PM and went to Indigo Books to exchange my defective Kobo Glo HD e-reader. It was far less painless than the minimum 10 days Kobo Support said it would take to mail in my reader and evaluate it. Brick-and-mortar stores do have a purpose.

I then went to my OCD support group. There were two new people there - a young teacher (with OCD) and her mother. We hopefully made them feel welcome and gave them some suggestions. She liked the fact that I get my medication in blister-pack dosettes, so I don't obsess over whether I took too few or too many pills. Another person was reluctant to talk around strangers, so they left so he could vent.

When I came home, I loaded nearly a thousand books onto my new e-reader, and it still was half empty. It worked flawlessly, like nearly every other Kobo that I've owned.

I also bought and installed Kerbal Space Program, a very well-rated game that lets you design, launch, and crash rockets and other spacecraft. I am so looking forward to playing it.

Then today after work, the husband of my friend Hima from work came by, and took the two bookcases that I was giving away. My room now has much more space.
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