Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Ill, fur, tablet, Sandy, clean

Friday I went out for lunch with friends from work. My joints had been sore in the morning, which I attributed to the warm, humid weather. Then at lunch, I started hurting and sweating profusely. I could have gone back to work, but I was lazy and went home to sleep. My boss kindly let me claim it as half a sick day.

Saturday, I slept until the afternoon, cleaned a bit, and slept some more. I was still sweating immensely. I threw three saturated pillows into the trash, and shaved off my back and belly fur - no help!

Sunday, I met with Sandy at the subway station for a not-quite-a-date, and we strolled along the Danforth and had brunch. I had given him my Kobo tablet to give to his sister-in-law in the hospital; apparently she appreciated it. We shopped for a bit, and then he went off to work.

Sandy and I spend just as much waking time together now as when we were a couple. I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

My student had e-mailed me to say she couldn't make it, so instead of tutoring I got my hair cut in the Church Street village, and went to the Bay. Sadly, the Bay is now overpriced and non-Canadian. I bought the cheapest fitted sheet I could find, plus socks, and gasped at the final price. They no longer sell Canadian-made Stanfields underwear, apparently. Sad, as they fit well, last forever, and are made in my home town.

In 2008, an LJ friend borrowed money from me to buy a car. He then deleted his LJ and stopped repaying me. Years passed.
Surprise! He sent me $1000!
Stupid impulse - bought a new tablet to replace the one I had given to Sandy.
My old tablet didn't support many apps, so I tried out a few that I had heard of, like Grindr and Scruff.
Shock! My boring neighborhood has so many gay guys within several hundred metres of me! All online, searching for fun.
Scared. Shy. Only want Sandy anyway. Apps: deleted.

May snow
Today at work, I stayed until nearly 9 PM, catching up on what I had missed Friday afternoon.

Walking home in the May darkness.
Fluttering flakes in the streetlight.
Cherry blossoms.

OCD no more
My hoarding-compulsion OCD is gone, and my room is emptier than it has been in a decade.
I can finally give it a good clean!
I pulled out the stove and scrubbed and polished every surface, even behind it.
I mopped until the mophead disintegrated.
I then got down on my knees and scrubbed the floor by hand. Digging deep into the grout between tiles.
I then disinfected the floor and polished it. Choking chemical stench of clean.
I stopped when I ran out of paper towels to wipe up the blood oozing from my knees and cracked hands.
I am so glad my OCD is gone!
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