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Do any of my LJ friends want these books and graphic novels? Preference given to people in or near southern Ontario (books are heavy, and postage adds up). If multiple people in the same region want them, I'll toss a coin.

Linesman, by S.K. Dunstall. Published July 2015. Someone learns to tune spaceship drive systems by singing to them. Paperback.

It's A Good Life, If You Don't Weaken - graphic novel by Seth - a slice-of-life novella musing about the meaning of life. Trade paperback.

Glorifying Terrorism, edited by Farah Mendlesohn. Short science fiction stories written and/or collected in response to the Terrorism Act of 2006 in the UK. Includes stories by papersky and autopope. Very small font. Trade paperback.

Humans, by Robert J. Sawyer. Neanderthals and humans from parallel universes interact. Paperback.

Unicorn Jelly, by Jennifer Dianne Reitz. Oversize hardcover. Epic graphic novel, science fiction. This is awesome, giving this one away because I bought the collected works and have a duplicate. http://unicornjelly.com/

Drag King Dreams, by Leslie Feinberg. Trade paperback.

Infinite Dreams, by Joe Haldeman. Paperback.
Forever Free, by Joe Haldeman. Paperback.
There Is No Darkness, by Joe Haldeman. Paperback.
Worlds Apart, by Joe Haldeman. Paperback.

Wolf Who Rules, by Wen Spencer. Paperback.

Patterns of Chaos, by Colin Kapp. Paperback.
The Survival Game, by Colin Kapp. Paperback.
The Ion War, by Colin Kapp. Paperback.

The Healing of Crossroads, by Nick O'Donohoe. A vet heals magical creatures. Paperback.

Terminal Velocity, by Bob Shaw. Paperback.
Medusa's Children, by Bob Shaw. Paperback.
Ground Zero Man, by Bob Shaw. Paperback.

Dust, by Elizabeth Bear. Paperback.

The Greatest Enemy, by Douglas Reeman. Paperback.

Architect: A Candid Guide to the Profession, by Roger K. Lewis.

(edit: fixed link)
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