Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

My bosses are not evil

My sister came for a three-week visit. I came down with a persistent annoying cough. She came down with a persistent annoying cough. My boss's boss had to go on an important business trip, and decided to take me along. The night before the flight, my sister's cough became much worse. Early the next morning, she croaked, "Doctor". I took her to the emergency room instead of going to work, and sent a quick e-mail to my team at work.

Both my boss and my boss's boss independently told me to not worry about the important business trip (and the expensive non-refundable airplane tickets), to take care of my sister, and that family comes before business.

As it happened, my sister responded well to antibiotics, and told me that she was well enough for me to go on the trip and leave her alone to recover, so I made it to the airport before the evening flight.

I thanked my boss and my boss's boss repeatedly. I am glad that they are not evil.
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