Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Dinner with Sandy

Saturday, I had a nice dinner with Sandy. He is recovering from sciatica, and I have been annoyed by a cough and congestion for the past four weeks, so we wanted something low-key. The summer weather is nice, so he thought it would be good to go to the Toronto waterfront. After browsing around, I decided we might want to try meeting at the Keating Channel Pub and Grill. It's not right on Lake Ontario or Toronto Harbour, but is on a quiet shipping canal on the waterfront.

This turned out to be a nice place. It's easy to get to, despite being on the horribly-laid-out waterfront - just take the #72 bus from Pape subway station to Cherry Street, and walk north until you reach the Keating Channel. The pub looks drab from the outside, but has huge multipaned windows looking out over the waterway. A half-dozen fireplaces and big, comfy armchairs would make it a nice place to relax in winter. We ate out on their wide patio looking out on the tree-lined canal. It was very peaceful, with a nice breeze off the water. The food was nothing special, but it was cheap, and the view and setting was very nice. I'm surprised that it was not crowded.

Afterwards, Sandy and I attempted to stroll along the canal, but fences made that difficult. Instead, we went to a nearby T&T supermarket, which specializes in Taiwanese food. They had a lot of interesting things, and very inexpensive vegetables, but we ended up not buying anything. They had a huge amount of boxed moon cake for sale, but I never really enjoyed it that much.

Then home, to cough myself to sleep.
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