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Free Books

Does anyone want these books? Except where noted, due to the cost of postage, preference is given to people in Canada or the US, unless you really want it and it's not available at stores in your area. After one week, I'll drop these on the break table at work for my co-workers to go through; a week after that, they go to the donation bin at the local community centre.

Trade paperbacks by gay Toronto writer Warren Dunford, about a gay Toronto writer who solves mysteries:
- Making a Killing
- Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture
- The Scene Stealer

Discontents: New Queer Writers - trade paperback from 1992 with early works by David Sedaris and other now-established writers

Trade paperbacks by gay Toronto writer Peter McGehee, about LGBT life at the height of the AIDS pandemic in Toronto
- The I.Q. Zoo
- Boys Like Us
- Sweetheart

Hardcover books by James Robert Baker, about LGBT life at the height of the AIDS pandemic in California
- Tim and Pete
- Adreneline

Finn and Charlie are Hitched - Tony Breed - odd-sized thin graphic novel - 4 volumes, thin enough for me to mail outside Canada and the US.

Saison des Lunettes - a Megane Comic Anthology - tiny comic collection about romance between guys with glasses, made in Canada in a manga style - thin enough to mail anywhere

Tacones (high heels) - Todd Klink - "a rollicking romp through the Toronto after-hours scene" "life on the fringe" - thin enough to mail anywhere

Wild Mouse - Derek McCormick - chapbook about the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto - thin enough to mail anywhere

Daisychain - Mikey Halliday - bizzare short stories - trade paperback - signed - 1995

One Man's Trash - ivan e. coyote - bizzare short stories - trade paperback, thin enough to mail anywhere

Spandex - LGBT superhero team - hardcover comic book, thin enough to mail anywhere


Don't Ask - Donald E. Westlake - paperback - chaos when an artifact is stolen by bumbling thieves

Science Fiction

Three Parts Dead - Max Gladstone - trade paperback - an intern in a world where magic is treated like technology, very very good book (i have two copies)

The Quiet Invasion - Sarah Zettel - flying alien refugees adopt Venus as home, humans are upset about "illegal migrants"

Angelmaker, by Nick Harkaway - hardcover - gangster tale with a supernatural twist set in London in the UK

Humans - Robert J. Sawyer - paperback - alternate universes with Neandertal and Humans interacct

Orson Scott Card - The Folk of the Fringe - paperback - society collapses, Mormons rule

The Peshwar Lancers - S.M. Stirling - paperback - an asteroid strike wipes out Victorian England. The British Empire is ruled from India via dirigibles. Russian spies spy.

Millennium - John Varley - paperback - time travelers kidnap/rescue people from aircraft about to crash, to repopulate their timeline

Lifeline - Keven J. Anderson - paperback - on a damaged space station, management saves resources and lays off people by shoving them out of an airlock.

David Feintuch's series about an angsty midshipman taking command of a naval spaceship, after all senior officers are killed (all paperback)
- Prisoner's Hope
- Challenger's Hope
- Fisherman's Hope
- Patriarch's Hope
- The Still (exact opposite, an overconfident prince)

Day By Day Armageddon - J.L. Bourne - a journal from someone in a zombie apocalypse - trade paperback

Eric Flint & David Drake - In The Heart of Darkness - paperback - Byzantine armies led by time-traveling crystal cube fight Indian empire
Eric Flint & David Drake - An Oblique Approach - paperback - Byzantine armies led by time-traveling crystal cube fight Indian empire

The Worlds We Make - Megan Crewe - hardcover - a virus devastates Canada and the country south of it.
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