Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Fancy VIP movie theatre

My little sister parke_matru and I went to see The Martian. It was very true to the book, and we both thought they hadn't messed it up. Because we were both looking forward to seeing the movie, we thought we'd splurge and see it in a fancy VIP movie theatre.


The theatre had big cushy leather couches. Waitstaff came right to your seat and took your order for snacks and meals. There were private washrooms, a comfortable lounge area, and expensive decor. Instead of just popcorn, they served full meals.

It was also double the cost of a regular movie ticket. Snacks and meals were more expensive than in a restaurant. They still played commercials before the showing, and the snack delivery ended before the movie started, so once the lights went out there was no difference from a normal theatre.

My sister and I agreed that it was interesting to try it, but it'd be more economical to just eat at a nice restaurant before going to see a movie in a regular theatre.
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