Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Eating vegan with Sandy

Still catching up on posts and comments. Please note, I WANT to read them all, your lives and words are more fun than TV. You just have so many interesting things to say!

Last weekend, Sandy and I went to see "The Big Short", a movie which attempted to educate people about the 2008 US housing market crash in an entertaining way. Before the movie, we went to a restaurant and ate a huge amount of dead mammals. Sandy then said we should try going vegan to make up for the environmental and health impacts of our gorging.

So, we both ended up buying cashew milk when it went on sale at Loblaws (not bad in cereal and coffee). Cheaper than cow milk when on sale, and its best-before date is four months in the future - great for stocking up. I made a point of drinking Soylent (soylent.me) for lunch instead of eating overpriced cafeteria food. Instead of buying coffee with milk in the Tim Horton's store in my factory, I brought a thermos of hot water and made tea (no milk) to drink. It's surprising how much money I saved, not spending $10-$15 a day on coffee and lunch. Well, not surprising to those of you who did the math and already bring your lunch and drinks from home.

On Saturday, I went to my gay travel agent in the village downtown to book a cruise for my mom and sister in March. I hope Mom doesn't object when she gets the tickets delivered in a rainbow-covered envelope. I then met up with Sandy, and we went to a vegan restaurant near Spadina and Danforth.

It was really, really good. We started with a King Prawn and shrimp appetizer, which looked just like dead sea bugs. However, everything was made from mushrooms, seaweed, and root flour. It tasted very good, and you could eat the shells. They should sell that in supermarkets - much more convenient than the real thing.

We then had noodles and vegetables with seitan steak. Seitan is protein extracted from wheat flour. It had the consistency, texture, and taste of baked beans. I think I'd rather just have the beans.

I then had dairy-free cheesecake (made with soy). It tasted just like cheesecake, but had more protein and less fat. Again, something that should be mass-marketed. Sandy had dairy-free ice cream (made with soy), along with apple pie. He didn't complain about it.

With dessert, we had a coffee substitute made from toasted grain, nuts, and fruits. It was horribly disgusting, and the evil oily slimy residue would not leave my mouth despite many glasses of water. Even scrubbing my tongue with my napkin wouldn't make it go away. Why would they ruin perfectly good grain, nuts, and fruits to make that vile brew, when coffee is already vegan?!

Despite trying vegan food, I didn't get weaker from lack of protein. At the gym this morning, I set a new personal best deadlifting 130 kg (285 lbs) (single rep). I tried getting to 135 (300 lbs), but could only get it up a few centimeters. However, vegan doesn't mean calorie-free; my weight also increased, to 98 kg (216 lbs). Perhaps they shouldn't mass-market that vegan cheesecake.
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