Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Taxis vs Uber

Taxi companies are arguing that Uber should be kept out of Toronto as just anyone can sign up with Uber, while taxis are all driven by carefully-selected and licensed drivers.

I took a taxi today. The driver had his license clearly posted, as required. Except the driver wasn't the person on the license.

I do have to say that Uber has made taxi drivers clean up their act. Taxis in Toronto smell less, and appear to be better maintained than before. Or maybe my nose is less sensitive now. They turn off the music when you ask now. Drivers are less likely to try to cheat me, too. I've only had one taxi driver in the past year claim to have no change when I paid an $11 fair with a $20 (he suddenly had change when I started counting out quarters).
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