Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties


My little sister is visiting. I've deviated from my mostly-vegan diet to cook us meat on my little electric grill, running an extension cord out to my doorstep.

Should the collective noun for "hamburgers" be "hamBORG"?

At work, we have a box collecting for the Fort McMurray evacuees. I've been taking backpacks full of my books to work, and leaving them on the table next to the box,with a sign saying "$1 a book - put your donation in the box". I've been clearing a lot of space this way, and the books disappear quickly. Some co-workers have started dropping their own books off on the table, too!

A co-worker was raising money for "Autism Speaks!", a group that isn't necessarily the best thing for people with autism. I bought a copy of "NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity", and gave it to my co-worker after I read it. I learned a lot about autism and autistic people, and how stimming, hand-flapping, and other stereotypical behaviours should not necessarily be discouraged. My co-worker didn't even know that, and just referred to it as his brat acting out. He said he'd read it, although his wife was more interested in learning about autism than he was.


I then went down to rearrange the books on the fundraising table, and found a brand new copy of the book there. It just came out - what are the odds that someone else would have read it and donated it? So I brought that copy up to my co-worker, and said he now had a second copy for his wife to read. Such luck!
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