Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Biking and back pain

Last weekend, when taking the subway to visit Sandy, I was wearing a thin, stretchy shirt that made my bulging tummy very prominent.

A very gender-fluid person came over to me and said, "Oh, you're pregnant!" I'd heard that joke at work before, and replied cheerfully, "Yes, eight months". I then received a kiss on my stomach.

The thing that puzzled me, did they think I really was pregnant (I'm a cis-male, and appear to be such), or was this an attempt at body-shaming? Because someone who is gender-fluid would be the last person who'd do something like that.


To add to my tummy, Sandy and I ended up eating at the all-you-can-eat sushi place in the gay village. It was surprisingly good, with lots of variety. We normally eat vegan food, but Sandy said he was OK with trying fish now and then. After we finished, Sandy gave me a dozen organic free-range eggs that he had bought at the Wynchwood Farmer's Market for me. I appreciated the gift, but I'm still puzzled why he'd buy them, since we're both reducing our consumption of animal products. He knew a lot about the farm where they came from - it only has a few dozen hens, so these eggs account for a tenth their weekly production.


I've used two-thirds of the eggs so far, making sort of a vegetable omelet. I take whatever is in the fridge - sweet potatoes, onions, mushrooms, red peppers, garlic - and slice it thin and sautee it in a frying pan. I then mix some eggs with cracked pepper, ginger, and paprika, and mix it in. When the egg is cooked, I sprinkle on shredded cheese. Good and filling.


Yesterday, instead of taking the subway, I biked to visit Sandy. It was surprisingly easy, for my first major ride of the year. The 15 kilometers took about an hour. There are a lot of beautiful tree-lined neighborhoods in the city, and it was very peaceful and interesting. I really should bike more, it's such a good way to appreciate the city.

Back when we were dating, I'd bike to his place, arrive all sweaty, and immediately jump into the shower as soon as I arrived. He texted me asking if I wanted to do that this time, but I thought it would be awkward (we're sort of dating, but we're not really dating), so I said we'd just meet at Faema, a cafe near his place. It's an interesting building - it used to be the Ford Model T assembly building a century ago. After locking up my bike, I went into the washroom, and wiped myself down with a towel soaked in cold water, then dried myself off before changing into fresh clothes. Then I went out and had a nice lunch with Sandy - eggplant casserole for him, zucchini pizza for me. Since it was hot, we both had their fancy gourmet gellato. I was all clingy afterwards, and embarassed us by walking to the exit with Sandy, instead of going out the back to where I had parked my bike.

I then biked to get my hair cut in the gay village. The barber saw me locking my bike outside, and commented that he was glad to get the business even if my hair is all sweaty. It hurt to sit in the barber chair, as the flesh over my pelvis had been pounded by the bike seat. It hurt even more to get up, as the right side of my back had seized up. It hurt to get onto my bike, as my leg wouldn't swing over the frame. But eventually I started wobbling along the nice bike lanes that were put in place after drunken homophobic crack-smoking wife-beating mayor Rob Ford left office.

By the time I got to Greektown, my back was in too much pain to continue. I walked my bike into Pape Subway Station, and loaded it onto the bike rack on the front of the 185 Express bus. This was the first time I'd used the rack, but I'd watched the YouTube instructional video, and it wasn't too difficult. The driver was friendly and helpful, and made gestures through the window to guide me. Getting it off when I got home was easy, too. Far easier than pedaling the bike the last half kilometer home. Even after stretching, I was too stiff to move comfortably.


This morning, I was too stiff to bend over and wash my feet in the shower. I just squirted soap in the tub, and rubbed my feet in it. Putting on my socks and shoes took nearly ten minutes. I went to the gym, but was in too much pain to do any exercises below my shoulders. Mike the trainer grabbed a foam roller and squished my back muscles while I lay face-down on the floor. It hurt a lot, but restored much of my mobility.

Being stupid, I then got back on the bike and went for groceries. I took the long way back, biking through the park, and cooked another omlette. Halfway through eating it, I lay down to take a little nap and rest my back. And now it's nearly evening, and my back is frozen into a rigid plank of pain.
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