Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

So much pain

I decided to go get groceries again today on my bike. I was about to head to the Real Canadian Superstore, but at the last minute decided to take the new bike trail the city had installed on an old railway track. It took me to a supermarket that I'd never been to before, a Longos. It was OK, but Superstore has better pricing and more selection. I filled up the expandable panniers on my bike, and zipped back along the bike path. It should be better described as a bike highway. It is beautifully paved, with clearly-marked lanes in both directions, and roundabouts at intersections. Tall trees shade it on both sides. Where it crosses a road, there are traffic lights specifically for bikes. And just like a highway, it is crowded with traffic. There were eight bikes in front of me going back. Of course, the riders were all playing Pokemon Go, which contributed to the traffic jam.

It was only about six kilometers in total, and my back wasn't hurting after I unloaded my groceries. And stormdog routinely travels much greater distances. So, I biked to the Real Canadian Superstore, taking the long way along a bike path running through the park next to the Don River. That brought the round-trip distance to six more kilometers (instead of the three it would normally take), but it was a beautiful day for a ride in the park. I took a fork with me, and picked up some potato salad, cole slaw, and tortillas at the store. On the way back, I stopped by the Don River, sat on a rock, and had a picnic.

It was very peaceful and relaxing, sitting next to the water. The sun had come back after a brief shower, and the water was rushing and making peaceful gushing and gurgling noises.

After eating, I started to get up off the rock, and nearly passed out. My back had seized up. Eventually I was able to get my food containers back into my bike panniers, nearly crying every time I bent over. By grabbing onto my knee, I was able to pull my foot over the bike crossbar and get on. I managed to coast and pedal most of the way home through the park, until just before the last big hill. Then I steered off the path, and flopped down flat on my back, whimpering.

At least I had a good spot to collapse. The grass was dry, I was shaded by trees, and leafy branches framed a patch of beautiful blue sky with wispy clouds.

I couldn't move my head without pain, so I stared at the clouds for nearly an hour. I haven't done that in years. They didn't form any patterns that I could recognize, though.

The leaves on the trees in my line of sight were really chewed up by insects.

And ... there's only so much staring at the sky I can do before boredom makes me bear the pain of getting up.

Leaning on my bike, I was able to wobble up the hill to home. A hot shower helped somewhat, and now I am lying flat on my back, keeping very still, hurting so much.
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