Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Sandy, and "Train to Busan"

Last weekend, Sandy and I saw the latest Star Trek movie. It was OK, I guess. I was more interested in Sandy. His arm was hurting him, so I spent the movie massaging it. We then went down to the lake and sat on a bench, and I massaged him more. I really really really wanted to take him home and massage him everywhere, but no luck,we went our separate ways afterwards.

This week was incredibly hot and humid. I've never been able to fall asleep without a blanket or something covering me, but this week I managed to sleep with no clothing or coverings. I have a nice red Vornado fan, but even with that I was too hot. So, I reluctantly dragged my air conditioner over to the window and ran it all night long. I don't like using it because it's noisy, expensive, and environmentally unfriendly, but the alternative was sleeping in a pool of sweat. Even so, it was like my bed was a marsh.


Finally, the humid weather turned into a massive downpour on Saturday. When I left my apartment to go see Sandy, the water was ankle-deep on the crosswalks. Good thing I was wearing sandals. When the rain stopped, the heat came back, this time with 100% humidity. Sandy and I went to Vegetarian Haven, and I gorged on their amazingly realistic fake seafood, before we went to see a movie.

"Train to Busan" is a Korean take on the typical zombie movie. A divorced dad takes his daughter on a high-speed train from Seoul to Busan to visit her mom. As they depart Seoul, a fast-zombie plague breaks out, and one infected person gets on the train. The train soon becomes filled with zombies. Despite traveling almost as fast as flying, the zombie plague precedes them to the stations down the line. The armed forces respond (and are overwhelmed) very rapidly, considering that the train trip to Busan is only a bit longer than the duration of the movie.

The photography was quite clever. Many of the scenes are filmed in the washrooms on board the high-speed train, where the survivors are hiding. There are several shots where the camera pans around the actors, filming them from all sides in one continuous take. Despite the washroom having mirrored walls, the camera never appears in the shot. The only way I can see that they could have done that would be to build a washroom set made of multiple removable panels. As the camera slides around the actors, the panels would shoot upwards out of the way, slamming back down as the lens passed by - all soundlessly, and with the actors managing not to react to parts of the set moving at high speed right next to their faces.

(spoiler alert)

In a departure from typical North American zombie movies and shows, all the main characters end up dead. As in "Yeonpyeong Haejeon", the stars have heroic death scenes.
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