Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

50 kilometer bike ride

This weekend, I biked the longest distance I've ever done. Not as epic a trip as stormdog or kishenehn do regularly, but far for me.

The heatwave had finally broke, and it was a beautiful day. I mixed up some Soylent with frozen blueberries in big glass Mason jars, making sort of smoothies. This was the first time I tried version 1.6. It tastes a bit more like bland cake mix, while version 1.5 tasted more like bland pancake mix. I cut up a bowl of watermelon into cubes, and put it in a glass bowl. All this fit nicely into my panniers. A few litres of water, and my bike tires were sagging from the weight. Next time I'll use plastic instead of glass containers. Then I started pedaling my bike off to High Park for a picnic with Sandy.

It's 23 kilometers to High Park from my place! My sense of geography isn't all that great, and I had the impression that it was somewhere near Sandy's place. But I kept pedaling, and pedaling, and the park still never showed up. I was completely wet by the time I finally got there and met up with Sandy.

We flopped out on towels under a tree. Sandy picked at the watermelon, while I chugged the Soylent and water. I had brought a 26800 milliamp-hour battery and a USB fan for Sandy; he used that to cool me down. We then biked around the park for a bit, and then pedaled off together to Sandy's place.

I had just wanted to refill my water bottles, but Sandy invited me in to sit and talk. He is planning to move out of his apartment and live in a camper or van, so we looked at web pages for them. The last time I was in his place was when he dumped me, so I was nervous about being there. Too many memories, and I'd want us to be together again if I was going to be in his place.

Then I biked back home. Either I'm getting stronger, or I'm getting better at using my gears. There is a steep hill near Avenue Road that I've always had to walk up. For the first time, I managed to pedal all the way up without stopping or walking.

Total distance was about 46 km on the road, plus another few kilometers pedaling around the park.

Today, I made up for all that biking by napping outdoors on a lawn chair outside my door. My body can only take so much.
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