Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Rice milk

I've been changing my food intake to reduce my carbon footprint. Eventually I'll be able to live on a few sacks per year of easily-transported, easily-stored, low-waste vegetable-based powders and seeds.

Half of my nutrients come from Soylent, a bland, boring, dense powder. It's vegan, does not require refrigeration, and lasts forever, with minimal waste. It's packaged in lightweight, recyclable plastic bags. Once a month, a small box arrives on my doorstep. I put some in the bottom of a glass Mason jar (with some frozen berries for flavour), add water, shake, and drink. Add coffee, and that's my breakfast and lunch.

I definitely am not giving up coffee, and I need milk (or something similar) with it. Switching from methane-producing cow milk to rice milk was easy. However, the rice milk comes in non-recycleable Tetrapaks, and it uses a lot of fuel to transport something that's 99% water. So I decided to try making my own rice milk. Instead of spending several dollars a week to buy a water-and-rice drink, I could buy a sack of rice and make my own for pennies a week.

I cooked up some rice, and threw it into a blender with water, vanilla and other ingredients. It became a smooth liquid that looked and tasted exactly like store-bought rice milk.

I poured it into a filter to strain it before putting it into a bottle.

Nothing came through the filter.

I accidentally made rice-based vanilla pudding.

At least my failure tastes good.
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