Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Biking and socializing

I haven't seen Sandy for the past two weekends. Last weekend I was sobbing in bed about socks, and this weekend he's in Ottawa with his father visiting his brother and nephews. So I had to find something to do on my own.

I haven't biked long distances ever since I went to Oshawa and back, and messed up my ulnar nerve. It still hasn't healed yet, but I decided to go biking anyway. I had freshly oiled my chain, and installed a new taillight. Many of the bike paths have a 20-km/hr speed limit, so I added on a speedometer. I put on an ugly safety-green neon t-shirt I got online for $5. And then I went downtown to get my hair cut in the gay village.


I'm very happy with my city's progress on bike paths. Only two of the 14 kilometres between me and my barber shop were not bike lanes. Most of the bike lanes downtown now have physical barriers between the bike path and motorists.

The two kilometers that I shared with cars were exciting enough. My new speedometer showed I hit 43 kilometres per hour on Leslie Street, when I was trying to get away from an overly-affectionate SUV. I had no idea that I could go that fast without tumbling end-over-end.

The leaves are changing colour in the Don Valley. It was a very picturesque ride to downtown. Very crowded, though - the bike paths were packed solid. We'll need to create a mullti-lane bike superhighway to deal with the growing bike usage.

As I got my hair cut, I chatted with the person who had been before me. He's from my home province too, and went to the same high school as me. We stood outside the barber shop and I listened while he talked. It was quite cold, but I kept listening as he talked and went through five cigarettes in 90 minutes. At that point I wished him well, and we went our separate ways.

This is the first time that I've talked that long with anyone other than Sandy in literally years! Eugene is not relationship material (he's a smoker, refers to women as "bitches", and I suspect we're actually relatives on my dad's side), but it's a start to finding someone to be with other than Sandy. Who is awesome, but doesn't want me as anything other than a friend.

It was dark and cold on the way back, so I decided to take a bus uphill from Pape Station. The current TTC buses have a rack on front that holds two bikes, but there were three of us that wanted to use it. We all took turns politely insisting that the others use it, until I broke the stalemate and pretended I had to go to an errand in the other direction. I then loaded my bike onto the rack of the next bus to arrive - and by the time I got to my stop, the other slot had already been filled. That's late on a Sunday night - the racks must be totally packed during daylight hours.

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