Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

A comment on movies

Movies are starting to have key characters who are living with mental and physical issues, and who are not the villains. It's not a vaguely-patronizing approach focused on their disability, but treats it as just something about who they are. I think this is a very positive thing, and hope that more movies follow this trend.

[minor spoilers]

In "The Accountant", Ben Affleck is an accountant who does taxes,financial analysis, and assassinations, and is also someone living with autism. It plays very much like any other mainstream movie, and he is not treated as either pitiful or evil because of his autsm- it's just a fact about him. Interestingly, the movie also throws away the usual boring romantic subplot. Usually, if there is a female co-star in a movie, they sleep with the male star. In a shocker, they act like most other co-workers, and manage to be friends and professional acquaintances without needing to fall into bed with each other.

In "Finding Dory", Ellen Degeneres is a fish trying to find her parents. She also is suffering from short-term memory loss. Her memory loss is part of the story, but the movie is still focused mostly on the search. Interestingly, the movie also has no bad guys! Everyone is working towards positive goals.

In "Fury Road", Charlize Theron is a truck driver with a missing hand. She still drives her rig and earns the respect of her co-workers, and the writers do not define her by her missing limb. This is an excellent film about the transportation industry in modern Australia.

In "Deadpool", Ryan Reynolds has cancer, and develops a chronic skin condition as a side effect of his treatment. His girlfriend doesn't make a big deal about his changed appearance.
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