Experiencing Technical Difficulties (resonant) wrote,
Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Free Stuff

Does anyone in the Toronto area want any of this stuff?

Stuff to give away.png

- Two rolls of white Contact shelf-liner paper (one partially used)
- Power meter - see how much electricity your appliances are costing you (needs new button battery)
- Yeast Flakes - a low-fat alternative to sprinkling cheese on your pasta (missing one scoop. Does taste like cheese, but doesn't melt like cheese)
- Kickstand for bicycle - missing the fastening hardware
- Panda mini-washing machine - for parts only. The motor doesn't work any more, but the tubes and other parts are fine.
- Plastic drop sheet - 10' x 25' - still in bag
- Insulation made from recycled denim - three rolls still in bag - each 2x16x48" (plus one leftover scrap)
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