Rings and Aunt Maude

My great-great-great Aunt Maude Dunphy lived in Portland, Maine.  She was engaged, but her fiancee died in a horse wagon accident.  She never married. Instead, she moved in with Miss Stahl as her companion.  Miss Stahl also never married or had children. They both sent many parcels and gifts (mostly clothing) each year to my relatives in Nova Scotia.  

Aunt Maude was always pleasant, genteel, and well-dressed, with expensive tastes. She had no money of her own, but was always given money for shopping from Miss Stahl.  She would visit River John each summer, bringing a trunk by horse wagon from the horse station.  The trunk would be brought upstairs while the adults chatted.  The kids would not be allowed to ask for it, but she would eventually give them some beechnut gum from her trunk.  This was not available in Canada.

In the autumn of 1968, Miss Stahl passed away, so Aunt Maude moved in my with grandmother in Nova Scotia for a few years until she passed.

Miss Stahl had given Aunt Dunphy several gold rings, one with a large diamond similar to a wedding ring.  Aunt Dunphy gave the rings to my grandmother, who gave them to my mother.  My mother just gave the rings to me to give to Sandy when we get married.


Geneological stuff:

Maude Dunphy was a half-sister to Minnie Dunphy.

Minnie Dunphy later passed away from Huntington's disease.

Minne Dunphy and Theodore Langille were the parents of Theodocia Langille.

Theodocia Langille married Stuart Langille, and they were the parents of Edith Langille (later MacInnis, spelled McInnes prior to her marriage with Murray MacInnis). Her brother was Ashford, who later passed away from Huntington's disease.

Theodocia Langille later passed away from Huntington's disease, in 1951. Stuart Langille then married Daisy Zink (age 40) in 1954 or 1955. Daisy had been running a farm prior to then, so the family did well afterwards.

Edith and Murray MacInnis were the parents of Gloria and Dana.  Dana was killed at age 17 when a car went off the road.

Gloria married Donald Parker, who had me (Troy), Robyn, and Kelsi.


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